What are the BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodations?

Around the GoBirding map, there are green pins indicating BirdLife South Africa’s Recommended Accommodations. These are establishments that have gone through a vetting process and have satisfied the criteria to earn that label. Those criteria include things like having resources for birders, local knowledge on birding sites and guides, eco-friendly water and power usage, among others. Our Recommended Accommodations are encouraged to support conservation projects (and most do) and we also suggest that a discount is made available to BirdLife South Africa members. Make sure to enquire when you book!

There is a small annual subscription that comes with the Recommended label. Attached to this are multiple benefits like a membership with BirdLife South Africa, a certificate, a subscription to our African Birdlife magazine, a dedicated e-newsletter, and, of course, a listing on our GoBirding platform!

If you manage an accommodation that caters for birders, or if you are a birder and would like to see your favourite stop-overs included on our platform, please make sure that our online application form at https://forms.gle/Jvorv5cqdziMJmoaA is filled in!

More details can be found at https://www.birdlife.org.za/go-birding/accommodations/ or by emailing jemimah.morgan@birdlife.org.za