What are the BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodations?

Around the GoBirding map, there are green pins indicating BirdLife South Africa’s Recommended Accommodations. These are establishments that have gone through a vetting process and have satisfied the criteria to earn that label. Those criteria include things like having resources for birders, local knowledge on birding sites and guides, eco-friendly water and power usage, among others. Our Recommended Accommodations are encouraged to support conservation projects (and most do) and we also suggest that a discount is made available to BirdLife South Africa members. Make sure to enquire when you book!

There is a small annual subscription that comes with the Recommended label. Attached to this are multiple benefits like a membership with BirdLife South Africa, a certificate, a subscription to our African Birdlife magazine, a dedicated e-newsletter, and, of course, a listing on our GoBirding platform! These small subscriptions (<R200 per month) help to support the platform and keep it free for everyone to enjoy.

If you manage an accommodation that caters for birders, or if you are a birder and would like to see your favourite stop-overs included on our platform, please make sure that our online application form at https://forms.gle/Jvorv5cqdziMJmoaA is filled in!

More details can be found at https://www.birdlife.org.za/go-birding/accommodations/ or by emailing andrew.deblocq@birdlife.org.za.

About the Author: Andrew de Blocq

Andrew de Blocq is the Avitourism Project Manager at BirdLife South Africa. He oversees the various tourism projects, including the Community Bird Guide Project, the South Africa Listers’ Club, our network of BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodations, Tour Operators, and Course Providers, as well as the GoBirding platform. Andrew joined BirdLife South Africa in 2018 after completing his Masters at the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town. He is a passionate birder, with nearly 750 birds on his South African list.