About Us

BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit, public benefit environmental organization and the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa. BirdLife South Africa strives to conserve birds, their habitats and biodiversity through scientifically-based programmes, through supporting the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources and by encouraging people to enjoy and value nature.

BirdLife South Africa has more than 5 000 members in more than 40 bird clubs throughout South Africa. BirdLife South Africa also produces its own bird and birding magazine, African Birdlife.

GoBirding was made possible through a generous donation from the Chamberlain Foundation.

Background to GoBirding

Donations to BirdLife South Africa may contribute to your B-BBEE scorecard as we are fully SED compliant in terms of the B-BBEE Act.
We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation and authorised to issue 18A tax certificates where applicable.
Public Benefit Organisation No: 930 004 518
Registration Number: 001-298 NPO