Western Limpopo Valley – Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve

About the Birding

This De Beer’s property is situated adjacent to the Mapungubwe National Park. The 33,000 ha reserve is dominated by mopane woodland and has beautiful riverine forests and sandstone cliffs in the north. Over 400 species have been recorded in the reserve including Meyer’s Parrot, Meves’s Starling, Senegal Coucal and Tropical Boubou. The lodge is set amongst the sandstone outcrops of the area and birds often seen around the camp include the African Green Pigeon, Meyer’s Parrot, Black-faxed Waxbill and Grey-backed Camaroptera.

About the Birding Site

The lodge is called Little Muck, can accommodate 17 people in three luxury air-conditioned chalets or in three separate air-conditioned double rooms. The central lodge has a fully equipped kitchen and an open dining and recreation area with a pub, swimming pool and campfire. Guests can choose to be self-catering or fully catered.

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Text prepared by:

Daniel Danckwerts (Rockjumper Birding Tours)

Key species:

Meyer’s Parrot, Meves’s Starling, Senegal Coucal, Tropical Boubou.

Contact details:

Bookings: reservations@debeersgroup.com