Soutpansberg – Zvakanaka Campsite

About the Birding

Zvakanaka Campsite is situated just off the N1 to the north of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) and is set again the Soutpansberg Mountains on private property. The vegetation includes grasslands, a small wetland and riverine forest. At least 70 species can be expected within a few hours of birding. Several well-cut trails meander through the riverine forest and past a small dam. Search for the Gorgeous Bushshrike, Narina Trogon, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, White-starred Robin and Red-capped Robin-chat in the forest interior. The dam supports a small breeding colony of Southern Red Bishop and the calls of Red-chested Flufftail are regularly heard from the dense reedbeds.

About the Birding Site

Zvakanaka Farm is an idyllic getaway in the Soutpansberg Mountains in Limpopo. It is also an ideal stop-over for Kruger National Park (Pafuri and Punda Maria gates), Mapungubwe National Park, Zimbabwe via Beit Bridge, Mozambique via Pafuri and Botswana via Pontdrift and Platjan. Zvakanaka Farm offers a range of accommodation: Igababa Cabin, Madala’s Cottage, Fook Farmhouse Garden Flat, Kubla’s Caravan and Zvakanaka Camp Site. Zvakanaka is a BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodation.

Other Related Information

Zvakanaka campsite is situated just off the N1 and can be accessed from the main gate 1 and a half km from the N1.

GPS: 22.9776, 29.9525

Text prepared by:

Daniel Danckwerts (Rockjumper Birding Tours)

Key species:

White-starred Robin, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, Gorgeous Bushshrike, Narina Trogon, Shelley’s Francolin, Crested Guineafowl, Red-chested Flufftail, Crowned Eagle, Red-capped Robin-chat.

Contact details:

Cell: +27(0)84 400 4595
Fax to email: +27(0)86 615 5188

Zvakanaka is a BirdLife South Africa Recommended Accommodation.