Soutpansberg – Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve

About the Birding

Located roughly 12km from Louis Trichardt, below the Soutpansberg, Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve blankets 2,500 hectares and was originally donated to the Wildlife Society before being handed over to the Manavhela Community. Besides protecting a small population of wildlife, the reserve is of archaeological significance with ruins dating back to 1250 AD. Habitats include mixed bushveld and arid thornveld, with riparian woodland along the dry watercourses.
Around 230 bird species are known to occur, top among them the Gorgeous Bushshrike, Bronze-winged Courser, Orange-winged Pytilia, Purple-crested Turaco, and Short-clawed Lark.

About the Birding Site

Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve lies 12 km south of Makhado and 90 km north of Polokwane.

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Text prepared by:
Daniel Danckwerts (Rockjumper Birding Tours)

Key species:

Short-clawed Lark, Orange-winged Pytilia, Bronze-winged Courser, Gorgeous Bushshrike.

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