Soutpansberg – Last Post Private Nature Reserve

About the Birding

Last Post is situated in a beautiful range of hills, which form the transition between Sweet Bushveld and Lowveld. The property has a variety of habitat types and high biological diversity. Both plant and bird populations will be of interest to any naturalist.

The Nature Reserve is situated on the Bandelierskop Geological Complex with an undulating landscape and deep kloofs. Walking is the best way to explore the area, as the birdlife is a feast. Purple-crested Turaco, Gorgeous Bushshrike, Wahlbergs, and African Hawk-eagles, Black-headed Oriole, Scarlet-chested Sunbird, and Bennett’s Woodpecker are familiar sights. In the valley, Orange-winged Pytilia has often been seen.

Other Related Information

GPS: 23,0427,30.1953
It is free to enter the dam.

Text prepared by:
Daniel Danckwerts (Rockjumper Birding Tours)

Key species:

Gorgeous Bushshrike, Purple-crested Turaco, Bennett’s Woodpecker, Orange-winged Pytilia.