Sedgefield, Western Cape – Myoli and Cola Beach

About the Birding

The stretch of beach between Myoli and Cola beach can be access at many points in Sedgefield. Perhaps the best access point for birding is at the Swartvlei river mouth at -34.03065, 22.79818. The hill above and below the parking area have patches of coastal fynbos, where one can look out for Southern Tchagra and Greater Double-collared Sunbird.

The boardwalk that goes down to the beach passes through small patches of milkwood forest, where one can look out for Olive Bushshrike. Cape Bulbul and Karoo Prinia are almost always around, and Knysna Warbler should be listened out for in the dense undergrowth.

The river mouth itself can sometimes have a couple of waders such as Whimbrel and White-fronted Plover, while Grey Heron is often seen too. African Oystercatcher is common and can be seen along most of this stretch of coastline.

There is occasionally a tern roost at the mouth of the river, which can hold Swift (Greater-crested), Sandwich, and sometimes Common Terns.

Moving east around the rocks, one should look out for White-necked Raven soaring around the cliffs, as well as Jackal Buzzard. Looking out onto the ocean, Cape Gannet can sometimes be seen, especially on windy days.

Traveling toward Swartvlei river mouth, it is often worth driving Kingfisher Drive -34.02248, 22.80177) along the Swartvlei estuary. Numerous Ducks and waterbirds can be seen along the water, such as Red-billed Teal and Great Crested Grebe. The reeds next to the road are also worth checking for Little Bittern and African Swamphen.

One of the access points to Cola Beach is at -34.03616, 22.81239. The pathway down to the beach here is a good place to listen out for Knysna Warbler. There is no shortage of canaries here either, with Brimstone and Cape Canary, as well as Streaky-headed Seedeater often being seen.

Cape Spurfowl are resident in the Cola beach area and should be looked out for alone all the roads. Bokmakierie and Southern Boubou and are present in the Bietou thicket.

About the Birding Site

Myoli and Cola beach fall under the protection of SANParks, and the pristine coastline makes for a great morning or afternoon walk.

Although the main habitat here is the beach or coastline, patches of milkwood forest and fynbos leading down to the beach throw is a few different species. These two habitats hold many endemic and special species.

The location of this site – bordering the small town of Sedgefield, make it very easy to get to.

Other Related Information

The beaches are free for the public to use but can get quite busy during the day in the holidays.

There are several restaurants and bathrooms available along the beaches, as well as benches. The town of Sedgefield also has several fuel stations and grocery stores too.

Due to the nature of the terrain, the beaches are not accessible to wheelchairs.

Other related information:

Where to access Myoli and Cola Beach:

Myoli Beach:

-34.03065, 22.79818 (

-34.03332, 22.80148

Cola Beach:

-34.03573, 22.80774

-34.03456, 22.80457

-34.03616, 22.81239 (

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Justin Ponder

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African Oystercatcher, Cape Gannet, White-fronted Plover, Cape Bulbul, Karoo Prinia, Knysna Warbler, Southern Tchagra, Greater Double-collared Sunbird, Olive Bushshrike

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