Heuglins Lodge

About the Accommodation

Heuglins Lodge is nestled in an oasis of a garden just outside of White River – we have a large wooded forested garden with large old trees and all sorts of birds visiting our garden and surrounds.

We’re also on an estate with 3 dams which are a haven for various ducks and waterbirds. In addition, we adjoin large tracts of farmland with natural thickets and forests in-between with well-marked trails taking runners, mountain bikers, and walkers/birders into the ravines and valleys.

We have the perfect setting and location for birders.

Contact details:

Heuglins Lodge
White River, Mpumalanga
Tel: +27(0) 83 610 6145
Email: admin@heuglins.co.za
Web: www.heuglins.co.za