Western Cape – Garden Route – Herbertsdale Route

About the Birding

The Herbertsdale area is a birding hotspot, offering a diverse range of habitats that attract a variety of bird species. Start your birding adventure at the GPS location -34.0824, 21.7777 and explore the surrounding areas. Look and listen out for the Southern Tchagra and Knysna Woodpecker distinctive calls that can often be heard from the thickets. Keep an eye out for the cautious Tambourine Dove and the relaxed Namaqua Dove in and around the same thickets.

Nearly 2km from the starting point there is a safe pull-off point from the road (-34.0734, 21.7640) where you can climb out and enjoy the views of the Gouritzriver. While enjoying the lookout, keep your eyes and ears open for White-fronted Bee-eaters, Horus Swift, Giant Kingfisher and Grey Tit.

Further along the road, there are two farm ponds (-34.0674, 21.7532) providing some waterfowl birding opportunities of Reb-billed Teal, White-faced Whistling-duck, Glossy Ibis, Three-banded Plover, and Common Moorhen amongst other.

About the Birding Site

Herbertsdale is located in a rural area, offering a peaceful and scenic birding experience away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Mossel Bay. The area is characterized by its still considerably intack and pristine dense thicket vegetation, providing ample opportunities to observe a wide variety of bird species. The site is also home to several large farm dams and runs along the Gouritz River, which attracts waterbirds such as the African Fish-Eagle, Horus Swift, and Giant Kingfisher.

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Starting GPS point: -34.0824, 21.7777

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Rudi Minnie
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Key species:

Giant Kingfisher, Southern Tchagra, Grey Tit, Knysna Woodpecker, Cardinal Woodpecker, Namaqua Dove, Tambourine Dove, Pied Starling, Horus Swift, African Fish Eagle, and Blue Crane.

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