Hayward’s Safari House

About the Accommodation

The location, peace, tranquillity, privacy and simplistic safari style of this bush villa in our magnificent wildlife sanctuary, is the perfect spot to rejuvenate your senses. The birdlife is prolific, from African Fish Eagle over the river, to various King Fishers, migratory Buzzards, Bee-Eaters, Woodpeckers, Barbets, Horn Bills, Wood Hoopoes, Orioles to Pearl Spotted as well as Barn and Eagle Owls. Whether you enjoy a good book, a walk, watch the wildlife drink at the spring-fed oasis, explore the area or take part in any of the activities – we hope you leave more relaxed than you arrived. Have a look at our website haywardsafarihouse.co.za for more information.

Contact details:

Hayward’s Safari House
Cullinan, Gauteng
Website: haywardsafarihouse.co.za
Phone number: +27 83 600 4453
Email: info@haywardsafarihouse.co.za
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Facebook & Instagram: @haywardsafarihouse