Cedarberg Guest Farm

About the Accommodation

Cedarberg Guest Farm has a number of self catering cottages to offer guests that want to come and enjoy the farm and area and all the bird watching has to offer. It has braai facilities and a nice cosy fireplace for the cold winters.

About the Birding

There are more or less 90 bird species just in the garden and on the farm itself which range from your normal garden birds for the area to quite a few birds of prey and birds that enjoy aquatic areas like the dam. What is very special to the area is that all three species of Cranes are found here, Blue Crane, Wattled Crane and the beautiful Grey Crowned Crane. Along with them, the Secretarybird is also quite common in the area. Another one that is very special to our area is the Bearded Vulture among a whole lot of other vultures. With the smaller birds, Rudd’s lark is a unique one.

On the Farm itself, you’ll already find quite a big variety of birds in the garden, in the veld, in the mountains and at the big dam. Across the Cedarville flats and on farms in the area, you’ll find even more. Cedarberg Guest Farm is a conservation area and is therefore just a step below a nature reserve with bird species that won’t disappoint.

Contact details:

Cedarberg Guest Farm
Cedarville, Eastern Cape
Cell: 083 262 5464
Email: info@cedarbergguestfarm.co.za
Web: www.cedarbergguestfarm.co.za