Bosch Luys Kloof

About the Accommodation

Bosch Luys Kloof is a place where the game roams freely, where wild flowers grow abundantly in the sunshine and where people come to feel rejuvenated and reenergised by the soul-filled surrounds.

Accommodation options at Bosch Luys Kloof include four large luxury couple chalets, three self-catering family chalets, as well as a guesthouse that sleeps eight people.

Armed with a pair of binoculars and a decent bird book, you can have many hours of fun birding at Bosch Luys Kloof. Covering five different plant biomes, the Reserve offers various habitat requirements for a diversity of bird species. There are seasonal migrants such as the swallows returning to renovate and occupy old nests during our spring and summer months, waterfowl using the Reserve as a stop-over on their daily excursions from the Gamkapoort Dam to adjacent farmers’ crops, and the numerous resident species.

As seasons change, so will the bird activity. But as a rule, most birds are active from dawn until around 10:30 and in the evening from around 16:30 until last light (excluding nocturnal birds like most owls, nightjars and dikkop species). The acacia thicket with its thorny wall of defence offers sheltered nesting sites for a variety of species. Black Eagles and Rock Kestrels prefer the rocky outcrops and cliff faces of this mountainous terrain.

We have two designated bird hides, but if you look out from your chalet in the morning, you should be able to see several different species. The garden area around the lodge is also a popular spot as it is always green and has readily available water.

A birding checklist is available at the lodge. See how many you can tick off during your visit, and if you spot any undocumented species, please let us know so we can add them to our list.

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