Bird Club – BirdLife Wesvaal

More about the bird club:

BirdLife Wesvaal was established in 1984 in Potchefstroom. As an affiliate of BirdLife South Africa, its core mission is to promote the appreciation and
understanding of birds while also working towards preserving and conserving our environment.

This active club boasts a dedicated Management Committee that holds monthly meetings featuring guest speakers on the first Thursday of each month. In addition to the regular gatherings, the club offers an exciting annual program, which includes daily birding trips and weekend birdwatching excursions.

To keep members informed and engaged, the club publishes a quarterly newsletter called Hoephoep. Communication channels like email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the Internet facilitate smooth member interaction.

Many enthusiastic club members actively participate in various bird-related activities, such as atlassing (SABAP2), bird ringing, and bird photography. Moreover, the club collaboratively compiles a comprehensive bird list, documenting all the bird species observed by members in Southern Africa each year. Additionally, Club members enthusiastically participate in counting Falcons in Ventersdorp each January for research purposes.

Maintaining a strong connection with BirdLife South Africa and its personnel remains a priority for the BirLife Wesvaal. This ensures ongoing support and collaborative efforts in their shared bird conservation and environmental protection mission.

Membership options:

The following membership options are available:

  • Ordinary member (21-60 age) R 150.00
  • Additional: Spouse/Partner/Child R 50.00
  • Senior Citizen member (60+ age) R 120.00
  • Bonafide Student R 120.00

Catchment area:

The region encompassing Potchefstroom is characterised by a rich variety of habitats, dominated by expansive open grasslands adorned with a delightful mix of acacia and other shrubs. This diverse landscape encompasses several notable areas, including the picturesque terrains south of Potchefstroom, the iconic Vredefort Dome, and the meandering beauty of the Vaal River. It extends into parts of the captivating Free State Province, where majestic mountains and charming blue gum plantations add to the scenic allure.

Within this natural tapestry, one can also find a few serene dams, surrounded by reeds, gracing the banks of the Mooi River, providing added tranquility to this captivating environment.

Contact details:

Pieter Labuschagne – Chair

Mobile: +27 82 908 7965


Lawren Oelofse — Secretary

Mobile: +27 82 453 6796


Treasurer – Johan Yssel

Mobile: +27 82 828 4396


Meeting venue name:

Elgro Hotel. 60 Wolmarans Street. Potchefstroom. Northwest Province.