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Birding Ecotours specializes in Small Group birding adventures world-wide. Typically, our maximum group size is 6 people in countries with primarily forest birding, or 8 people in more open countries where the birds are easier to see.

We like to do things differently. Our team is constantly innovating. For example, we offer some unique tours, including Bird Sound Recording tours, Owls of the World® Tours, tough mammal tours and more. We lead the way in the birding tour industry.

What is one of our typical birding tours like? Our main focus is of course on finding the important birds (especially the endemics and specials). Our trip lists are top-notch (we do encourage you to look at our trip lists and compare them with those of other companies). However, we understand that birding tours can be tiring, so we prefer to add a day or two, rather than to knock ourselves completely out by rushing all the way through. This gives us back-up-time in case some birds don’t cooperate as expected, and also gives time to stop for mammals and other interesting things along the way.

We also run a lot of Birding Photo Tours, which need a different approach to a typical birding tour – more space in the vehicles for camera gear, the correct pace to get photos (not just visuals), angling the vehicle correctly (when not on foot) and loads of other considerations are important here.

We have three offices, one in the USA (headed up by Mike Nelson), another in Peru (led by Eduardo Ormaeche), and the final one in South Africa (with Chris Lotz and several others based there). Our Peru office is a real asset, with Eduardo and team being able to offer very high quality birding tours at competitive prices throughout the neo-tropical region, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, Central America and the Caribbean. Our US office is weakened by the fact that Mike spends a lot of his time in Africa and Asia! Overall, we have an extremely strong presence in Australia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Asia, and we sometimes arrange cruises to Antarctica and the Arctic.

We’re always happy to arrange a custom trip, in addition to our wide array of Small Group set-departure trips. We can run any of our advertised tours any time by request. And, if you send us a wish-list, we’ll revert to you with a custom itinerary fast – our team loves the challenge of finding difficult birds including flufftails, owls and other elusive species.

If you contact us, you’ll find that we’re spectacularly enthusiastic, and highly efficient at e-mailing detailed information to you. It’s our contagious enthusiasm for birding, and the natural world as a whole, that spurs us on to give the outstanding service that might be surprising to you. Ask us a question and we’ll answer you with gusto.

Please e-mail if you want to be added to our mailing list or if you have any questions about birding or of course about specific tours. And peruse our website,

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