Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate

About the Accommodation

Conservation and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is a World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Conservation Champion and a leading South African ecotourism wine destination. It is located in the UNESCO-designated Kogelberg Biosphere, at the lowest height (sea level) and with the longest seaboard of any vineyard in the world.

The 200-hectare farm is home to one of South Africa’s most ecological and beautiful residential and wine estates, set within a protected nature reserve. The location in UNESCO designated Kogelberg Biosphere ensures that the natural beauty surrounding the estate is protected forever. It has one of the most diverse floral communities on the planet, with 1,880 floral species over 100,000 hectares and biologically diverse marine communities. The 70-hectare planting of vineyards frames this beautiful estate, and conservation is the priority, with many measures that visitors can see, such as the use of ducks that help keep the snails and other pests at bay in the summer.

The estate is home to 100 species of birds, including owls, Blue Cranes, Guinea Fowl, and flamingos, within its protected reserves and vast wetlands. Small buck, mountain leopards, and wild horses appear on the estate.

Our philosophy is to ensure the preservation and improvement of this estate for future generations tomorrow – and for our visitors, staff and local community today.

There is so much to do and see:
• Vineyard safari tours and Lagoon pontoon boat cruises; cellar tours, and wine tasting experiences; the Moody Lagoon Restaurant; Anton Smit Sculpture Park – and for children Benguela Splash! and 18-hole Adventure Golf & Blackbeard’s Diner.



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Benguela Cove, Walker Bay, Western Cape
Cell: +27 87 357 0637

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