Kogelberg Nature Reserve

    About the Birding

    The habitat consists of coastal and mountain fynbos with mountain seeps, streams and marshes. The reserve has a number of medium to long trails through the 3000 Ha reserve. For birding, the trail of interest is the Kogelberg section of the trail which ultimately leads to the Harold Porter Botanical Garden. This trail follows a stream where Victorin’s Warbler is resident. The best viewing period is in early spring (September /October months) during the breeding season. In general, the species diversity is low in fynbos habitat. This trail climbs up through some forested areas where one can look for typical forest species such as Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher. However there are easier and more accessible places to find these birds, such as Harold Porter Botanical Garden. Note this is not a circular route – it ultimately ends up in the Harold Porter Botanical Garden after approximately 6 km.

    About the Birding Site

    The reserve is situated between Kleinmond and Betty’s Bay. Turn off the R44 at (-34.3324, 18.9881) onto a dirt road where almost immediately, there is a small parking spot and a controlled entrance. Report at the office here of the intention to visit the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. From here it is about 2.5 km to the Kogelberg reception offices (-34.3229, 18.9672) where an entrance fee is payable. Note that there is very poor cell phone reception here and they require day visitors to pay cash (no card payments).

    Key species:

    Sentinel Rock-thrush (occasional in winter), Neddicky, Cape Rock-thrush, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Bunting, Red-chested Flufftail (calls on overcast / drizzly days)

    Specials to look out for:

    Victorin’s Warbler